Every business across the globe is willing to shift gears to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 initiatives. This would enable business across different industries to harness the true potential of IOT, AI / ML, Cloud Computing and many more where a robust and flexible connectivity infrastructure is a very important factor to be considered and included as a top priority.

Private 5G is here to make this possible by providing a competitive edge with revolutionary network and connectivity. With Private 5G, businesses can reach the zenith of technological advancement by transforming themselves into a smart facility.

Our private 5G connectivity solution is truly aligned to the enterprise business needs whether it is automations, process improvements or others.

What is Private 5G?

A private 5G network provides dedicated bandwidth that offers low latency and high connectivity for various enterprises with limitless customization options using 5G technology. Private networks are usually preferred by various industry verticals including government and defense bodies.

Most of the enterprises has a large infrastructure that needs a higher level of security and confidentiality with respect to data. Making the best use of scalable and flexible architecture, businesses from different industries are now shifting to private 5G networks as the costs involved are highly competent.

How is Private 5G different from regular 5G and Wi-Fi?

A private 5G network is equipped with localized cellular infrastructure that provides connectivity similar to Wi-Fi but with better reliable connectivity, low latency and dedicated bandwidth. Businesses can now stop compromising on the network utilities by getting equipped with Private 5G. The private network of towers that operate on a private spectrum deliver 5G benefits locally with better reliability and security.

What are the benefits of a Private 5G Network?


Conventional technologies like Wi-Fi share the bandwidth to multiple devices which leads to interruptions in speed and connectivity while accessing the network. With a Private 5G network, numerous devices and applications can be connected at the same time without having to compromise on the speed or connectivity with an added advantage of no interference from public sources. WIFI can in fact compliment the private 5G network in terms of offloading the data locally and distributing it across the campus.


As its name suggests, A Private 5G network is isolated from the public network which allows for a higher level of security. Your data and privacy can now be fully protected with a Private 5G network which gives zero scope to risks associated with third parties like malware, data breaches and other cyber-attacks that are possible when connected to a public network. You can also restrict or authorize specific devices to access the network with Private 5G.
We also provide cyber security for the Private 5G networks which can basically be implemented in the environment and can take care of the possible vulnerable points in the network.

Integration with applications

Maximizing the benefits of Industry 4.0 initiatives, a Private 5G network adapts itself seamlessly while integrating with them seamlessly eliminating any interruptions from external sources. Your equipment and applications can be interconnected round-the-clock without any latencies which would enhance the utility of these applications. Our application layer integration supports B2B2X architecture.


A Private 5G network consists of multiple small network junctions within the facility and a private spectrum that offers high speeds and near to negligible latency which ensures better connectivity within the facility. Better connectivity also ensures maximized opportunity to share, communicate and control bundles of data within the network seamlessly.


A Private 5G network allows you to have better control of the network within your organization. You can restrict or authorize devices in terms of bandwidths and access to various endpoints through telecom dynamic policy definitions (For connected devices service usage). A Private 5G network is highly reliable as any hardware or connectivity issues can be resolved within no time without having to depend on external factors.


A Private 5G network can be customized to suit your own domain with use cases pertaining to your business. Creating custom profiles for your users, establishing operational policies and setting up ranges of connectivity to various types of devices are a few possibilities that show how customizable a private 5G network is. Apart from just allowing you to customize it, your employees and stakeholders get a customized experience matching their needs while they are connected to the network.

Quality of network

With better connectivity, bandwidth and security, your organization, once equipped with a Private 5G network can experience a better quality while you are connected which encourages you and your employees and stakeholders to make better use of the network delivering expected results.

With all the benefits stated above, businesses have started embracing the next phase of network, connectivity and technology by empowering themselves with private 5G networks. We, at XIUS, are here to facilitate this in the best possible way.

XIUS is a Global leader in virtualized networks, with over 20 years of telecom and core network experience. XIUS is trusted by leading mobile operators like AT&T, Telefonica, Axiata, T-Mobile and many others. With a range of award-winning products and the newest addition to XIUS’s offerings, the Private 5G network is all set to empower businesses with all the benefits of 5G customized to their use cases. Customized Private 5G network solutions offered by XIUS are highly scalable, reliable and flexible that provide enterprises with end-to-end support right from setting up a Private 5G infrastructure to maintaining it with maximum potential.