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Take advantage of automation in the 5G standalone core to bring new services to
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Product/Solution Overview

The 5G core is the next-generation core network architecture designed specifically for 5G wireless networks. It is responsible for managing and controlling the entire network and its various functions, including connectivity, traffic routing, and service delivery.

XIUS 5G core is built in a cloud native architecture, fully 3GPP complaint and can function in a standalone model as well as in NSA model. XIUS 5G core components coexist along with the LTE EPC functions to seamlessly transition the mobile operators transition from the 4G LTE to the 5GC cost effectively. 5G core has dynamic slicing and policy definition functions to support different business case functions like

Key Features

XIUS 5GC Network Function


XIUS 5GC Mobility Function

XIUS 5GC Gateway Function

XIUS 5GC Policy Function

Deployment and Operations Features

Core Benefits

Capacity and Scalability

Supporting Critical Business Use Cases

Cloud Native and Virtualization

Network Slicing and Service Differentiations

Supporting Different Connectivity Variants

  1. Stadiums – Operations and fan engagement
  2. Autonomous vehicles (AGVs)
  3. Healthcare – Remote surgery
  4. Smart city operations

Enhances Security

The Implementation of the 5G Core Faces Several Challenges

Ensuring seamless integration and interworking with existing network technologies, such as LTE and Wi-Fi offload scenarios

Managing the increased complexity and scale of the network due to the massive number of connected devices and the exponential growth of data traffic

Meeting the stringent requirements for low-latency, high-speed, and reliable connectivity

Adapting to diverse use cases and service requirements, including enhanced mobile broadband, massive machine-type communications, and ultra-reliable and low-latency communications

Ensuring network security and privacy in the face of new threats and vulnerabilities posed by 5G networks

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