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XIUS IoT Device Management Center

XIUS IoT Solutions for All Enterprise Customers

XIUS IoT Expertise – How we excel at being unique!

"Internet of Things" has been gaining momentum globally with over billions of devices connected worldwide.These IoT devices and sensors cover most industry verticals.

XIUS is an IoT Solution Provider that offers a wide range of services with over 25 years of extensive industry experience.IoT has different use-cases in various enterprises to help them transform digitally.

Smart Connectivity

XIUS, with its expertise in telecom, brings smart telecom flavors for the IoT verticals. XIUS has its own flagship product, X-Connect , which provides seamless smart connectivity for mobility devices.

XIUS also brings in connectivity with leading tier-1 carriers in North America and Latam for data driven devices. We also bring some smartness into wholesale connectivity as well as giving our enterprise customers an extra yard of savings when it comes to per-device cost.

We provide the entire telecom side of IoT on our exclusive IoT platform. By leveraging our smart connectivity modules, IoT enterprise customers can offload all of their needed telecom tasks to XIUS and focus more on the core IoT automation.

XIUS IoT Solutions
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Multiple Industries and Smart Solutions

We provide smart things to make things operate much smarter

We support the industry segments below for end-to-end IoT solutions.

1. Logistics and transportation.. Explore More

2. Asset Tracking.. Explore More

3. Manufacturing.. Explore More

4. Smart connectivity for mobility devices.. Explore More

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Xconnect – Intelligent connectivity module for smart mobility devices

XIUS X-Connect

X-Connect – Intelligent connectivity module for smart IoT devices

A unique solution for mobility devices (devices that travel across country borders). For radio module enabled smart tags, logistics devices, service equipment and more.

How X-Connect adds exceptional value:

XIUS Core Telco infrastructure is connected to three tier-1 carriers in Mexico (Deep packet core integration, platform has PGW/DPI/PCRF/OCS all integrated into the carrier’s network). Apart from the technology strength, XIUS provide user with the local data rates and all related services while traveling across borders.

X-Connect intelligence lies in the SoN module for providing seamless connectivity when traveling from one network to the other.

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XIUS Logistics and Transportation

XIUS X-Fleet

XIUS X-Fleet Logistics and Transportation Solutions

XIUS, along with partnered vendors, offers X-Fleet which defines a new dimension in fleet management services. X-Fleet solution is aimed at improving and streamlining the efficiency of the Fleet operations through industry standard best practices.

X-Fleet Smart Service features:

  • Entire route creation, assignment and complete management
  • Alerts and notifications for any deviation of routes when necessary. Notified either through SMS/Email or through IP based App notifications
  • Capturing other critical vehicle tracking parameters such as vehicle speed, tire pressure,driving patterns, engine diagnostics and more with OBD devices/sensors
  • Driver X-App for electronic logging of service hours
  • Excellent GUI for complete fleet management and deep level analytics for preventive maintenance and other critical operational parameters
    • Customizable reports generation for different system users
    • Data backup facility for 3-6 months
  • Integrated X-Care for premium and extended support

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XIUS X-Asset Tracking and Management Solution

XIUS X-Asset

XIUS X-Asset Tracking and Management Solution

XIUS and its partnered vendors offer an extensive asset tracking solution for enterprise clients big and small. XIUS brings some of the best industry standard sensors along with a data capture gateway for capturing a variety of localized information. This data is not limited to finding the location of assets, but it also captures varies other parameters of the asset being tracked.

Service features

A typical example is monitoring and managing of assets within a container. These different internally stored assets could be:

  • Temperature sensitive
  • Vibration sensitive
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Shock sensitive

XIUS has an asset management IoT Platform which manages all the above proprietary sensors. These sensors are connected to a single integrated data log gateway for end-to-end data management and analytics.

Other applications of these sensors also include monitoring a container door opening and closing, ambient light monitoring for tamper detection plus many other configurable options.

XIUS X-Asset Tracking Solution can be used for tracking all different kinds of assets using the unique sensors adapted and suited to specific business needs.

All sensors comply to the various industry standard compliances.

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XIUS X-Manu Manufacturing Solutions


XIUS X-Manu Manufacturing Solutions

XIUS, along with partnered vendors, are proud to offer X-Manu, which provides flexible IoT solutions for the manufacturing industry. X-Manu solutions goal is to add value to the manufacturing process by introducing a monitoring tool and/or smart sensors. These tools will sit in the production environment to streamline the productivity of the manufacturing business through industry standard best practices.

X-Manu Smart Service features:

  • Fully updated with IIoT 4.0 standards
  • Smart sensors – ideally suited for any manufacturing industry verticals
  • Smart sensors/devices can be adapted to any industry standard machineries.XIUS can transform your idea into automations by providing a device which can fit into any complex designs
  • Smart sensors/devices specific to CNC machines and for associated applications
  • Special devices to monitor very sensitive vibrations in machineries
  • Extensive alerts and notifications for any event notified by SMS/Email or through IP based App notifications
  • Smart Lights – ready to deploy devices for smart cities and any industry campus or related environments
  • Integrated X-Care for premium and extended support

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XIUS X-Care - IoT Device Management Care


XIUS X-Care - IoT Device Management Care

X-Care is a true multi-tenant platform for managing various enterprises and their IoT applications.

X-Care functions as a smart care center for the IoT Enterprise customer and their IoT applications. This is the main control panel for managing the connectivity for all your IoT devices. We’ve created X-Care to be your complete management center to control SIM management, inventory, activation, and much more.

Listed below are some of the supported services as part of your X-Care Device Management Platform.

Telecom Services

  • Services offered include connectivity to Tier-1 providers both in North America as well in LATAM
  • Connectivity Kits for SIMS
  • SIM management
    • Provisioning
    • Activations
    • Deactivations
    • End-to-end inventory management
  • Smart Data Plans
    • Dynamic Machine Learning based smart data plan provisioning based on actual data usage over time.
  • Intelligent network reports
  • User Management
    • X-Care user provisioning
    • X-Care Supports multi-user access levels

Device Management through a Middleware

  • Device operational status
  • Device Start/Stop trouble shooting (API based - Optional)
  • Data consumption management
  • Device firmware updates (API based - Optional)
  • BI – Analytical reports
  • Operational managed services from XIUS while you focus on the IoT market offering and overall business management


  • Flexible integration model to connect to any external IoT applications and/or IoT Middleware


  • Ready to go infrastructure available with capacity to support any size of fleet devices, all offered in a cloud model.

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Device Test Lab and Certification Program

Device Test Lab and Certification Program

Device Test Lab and Certification Program

Enterprise clients can perform controlled testing of their devices in our IoT Test Lab environments as well as working towards receiving wireless network (tier-1) certification.

XIUS facilitates the services listed below as part of our devices testing and certification program.

  • Provide dedicated connectivity for the devices (connectivity test kits for 5 lines)
    • Unlimited Internet Access Service allowance @ 64kbps for 12-months
    • Optional monthly LTE data "Bucket" plans
  • Ease of boarding process and easy migration to the production environment
  • Connectivity support for NB-IoT and Cat1
  • SIM provisioning
  • SIM Activation/Deactivation
  • SIM/Device SWAP
  • Machine Learning based device data usage patterns and allocation of Smart Data plans tuned to the Enterprises business needs
  • Connectivity matrix (Analytics)
  • Signal strength analyzer
  • Device trouble shooting support
  • XIUS device certification - Standards and compliances
  • Testing facility covers for a period of 1-year
  • Optional Integration testing services with Enterprises third party applications

For more information and to sign-up for our Test Lab and Certification Program, please contact us at: (781) 904-5100

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