XIUS Exhibited its Private 5G Solution at the Big 5G Event

XIUS had an incredible experience at the BIG 5G Event, where the spotlight shone brightly on the most pressing topics shaping the telecom landscape. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with industry leaders, gain insights from experts, and unveil our latest innovations propelling the 5G revolution forward.

The event’s pre-day Summits, including discussions on 6G, women in telecom, and 5G security, set the stage for deep dives into crucial areas of development. Throughout the main event, we delved into the enterprise potential, open networks, cloud infrastructure, core technologies, and other cutting-edge aspects of 5G across the diverse range of content tracks.

Participating in such a dynamic environment allowed us to showcase our contributions to these pivotal discussions and reinforce our commitment to driving the future of telecommunications forward. We’re excited to continue pushing boundaries, leading innovation, and shaping the evolution of 5G technology.

XIUS Private 5G Network

XIUS is on a mission to empower customers to operate their own dedicated 5G networks. Leveraging over two decades of experience serving leading operators across the globe, XIUS has combined its innovation, market leadership and expertise at building converged fixed and mobile networks with 5G network solutions. Our Private 5G offering is a pioneering new approach that will be interesting to many enterprises and industries. Now enterprises don’t have to know the details of how radios or 5G works, as XIUS makes the journey to 5G extremely simple and frictionless.

XIUS offers secure and powerful 4G/LTE and 5G Standalone network connectivity allowing businesses to streamline operations and optimize processes through data creation, collection, and analysis. Our solution delivers the advantage of a more robust high-speed network and complements typical enterprise Wi-Fi deployments. The solution is suitable for environments such as healthcare, factories, Higher Education , Sports Arena, public venues, and other large sites where secured high speed wireless network coverage is very critical, particularly to meet the needs of ultra-low latency applications. Enterprises deploying a XIUS Private 5G Network will be able to boost productivity and efficiency, while saving costs in many ways including remote management, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance utilizing connected sensors for real-time data processing, automation and robotics.

XIUS at Big 5G Event

“Exhibiting XIUS at the Big 5G event, I was thrilled to present our revolutionary Private 5G Network Solution to such an esteemed audience. The event provided an incredible platform to showcase how XIUS is leading the charge in transforming the telecommunications landscape. The engagement and interest from attendees were truly inspiring, affirming the relevance and impact of our solution in the industry. I am looking forward to continued collaboration with current and prospective channel partners to increase widespread Private 5G Network adoption within the enterprise space. I’m proud to be part of a team that’s pioneering innovation in 5G technology, and I’m excited to see the positive ripple effects our solution will have in shaping the future of connectivity.” – Thomas Chamberlain, Sales-Director, USA.

“I had the incredible opportunity to exhibit the Big 5G event and present about the groundbreaking XIUS Private 5G Network Solution. The enthusiasm and knowledge shared by experts and attendees alike made for an unforgettable experience. The event provided a platform to showcase our innovative solution and engage with industry leaders who were impressed by its potential. I am grateful for the feedback and connections made during this event, which will undoubtedly propel our solution to new heights in the 5G landscape. Thank you, Big 5G, for an unforgettable experience!” – Prajith Dhanapalan, Head of Solutions and Private 5G network , USA.