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Business Intelligence & Geo-Referencing

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Business Intelligence & Geo-Referencing

Unlocking and transforming information to make superior business decisions!

Business Intelligence

XIUS offers a complete Business Intelligence option that allows the mining of data and creation of custom views, reports and dashboards – all in an effort to enhance value that one can provide to their subscribers.

Utilizing BI tools native to the database technology embedded in our solutions, we can quickly and efficiently provide access to business-critical information.


Would viewing key informational data on a map enhance the impact of how you see and analyze your business? Would being able to drill down from country level information, to city information, to street level information enhance your decision making ability, especially if you could do so in real-time?

XIUS Geo-Referencing

XIUS combines its Business Intelligence capabilities with map vendors who can add geo-coding coordinates based on address information to create a map level view of your information. Some of our customers are using this capability to track their distribution network performance.

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