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Core Network Technology

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of core network technology can be a complex challenge. MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs, and demanding enterprises face the constant pressure of optimizing performance, controlling costs, and staying ahead of the innovation curve. This is where XIUS emerges as your strategic partner, providing a sophisticated toolkit to unlock the full potential of your network.

We recognize that one-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t cut it. That’s why we take a meticulous approach, analyzing your specific network architecture, traffic patterns, and business objectives. We craft bespoke solutions that deliver tangible results seamlessly.

Core Network as a Service (cNaaS)

At XIUS, we understand the critical role Core Network plays in delivering unparalleled communication services. Our Mobile Service Platform (MSP) leverages this expertise to build robust, reliable network infrastructures tailored to your unique needs. Dive into our world of Mobile Service Network and empower your mobile, unified communication, broadband, and fixed wireless services like never before.

Core Network Technology

Dive deeper into the groundbreaking technologies shaping the future of communication networks.

5G Core

Built on a cloud-native architecture, our fully 3GPP compliant 5G core seamlessly transitions mobile operators from 4G to 5G, cost-effectively.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)

This cloud-native communication platform seamlessly upgrades your fixed, 4G LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi deployments to an advanced system. Enjoy full coverage of IP multimedia services like voice, video, and text for both fixed and mobile subscribers.

EPC (Evolved Packet Core) - PGW (Packet Gateway)

This vital connection point facilitates data exchange between the LTE radio access network and external networks. Beyond routing, it handles IP address allocation, policy control, and charging.

EPC (Evolved Packet Core) - DPI+ (Deep Packet Inspection)

Gain valuable insights into traffic usage patterns and optimize network performance with this powerful technology.

EPC (Evolved Packet Core) - PCRF / PCF (Policy and Charging Rules Function / Control Function)

Effortlessly manage network resources, prioritize traffic, implement innovative pricing models, and protect your network with XIUS PCRF.

3G & 4G Core

Trace the evolution of mobile network cores from 3G to 4G, understanding the foundational technologies that paved the way for advanced communication services.

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