Launch You Digital Brand with XIUS Digital BSS

5G-powered Digital BSS Stack enabling rapid delivery, monetization, and
management of the latest communications services.

Empowering Telecom Innovations in the Digital Age

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, telecommunications companies require robust support systems to manage their operations and customer interactions efficiently. XIUS Digital BSS (Business Support Systems) offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of telecom businesses in the digital era. These solutions are engineered to facilitate the delivery of digital services, enhance customer experiences, and foster innovation and agility within the telecom industry.

Here are the key highlights:

  • TM Forum ODA compliant Open API architecture
  • Customer 360 elevates customer experiences for faster time-to-market by delivering seamless and personalized interactions
  • Pre-canned, pre-built customer journeys and business processes for quicker customer onboarding
  • Extendable data model support with enterprise-grade charging and billing capabilities
  • Telecom Digital BSS platform with Al-driven advanced analytics for superior decision making and better ARPU
  • 100% Digital Inclusion with Progressive Web Apps based on Seif care and other customer interaction channels
  • Cloud-native digital business support system with future-gen technologies such as 5G, AI/ML Ops, and more

XIUS Digital BSS Key Modules

OCS (Online Charging System)

XIUS OCS (Online Charging System) simplifies billing for services like VoLTE, Data, Voice, and messaging, ensuring accurate billing control and a smooth user experience. It seamlessly integrates with various network technologies (GSM, LTE, 5G, broadband, fixed networks) and supports multiple network carriers for interoperability and efficient service delivery.

eTop & Channel Manager

XIUS Payment Manager is a comprehensive payment solution that streamlines your payment operations including electronic recharges and fund transfers for mobile operators and users, integrating seamlessly into operators’ systems. It creates a robust network of distribution touchpoints enabling swift service deployments.

Interconnect & Wholesale Billing (ICB)

XIUS Interconnect Billing (ICB) is a real-time, cloud-native solution designed to streamline and optimize your interconnect billing operations, enabling you to maximize revenue, minimize costs, and ensure compliance.


XIUS NetBuddy is a revolutionary mobile app that puts the power of network diagnostics in your hands. No more waiting on hold or struggling to explain your network issues.

EPC (Evolved Packet Core) - PCRF / PCF (Policy and Charging Rules Function / Control Function)

Effortlessly manage network resources, prioritize traffic, implement innovative pricing models, and protect your network with XIUS PCRF.

3G & 4G Core

Trace the evolution of mobile network cores from 3G to 4G, understanding the foundational technologies that paved the way for advanced communication services.

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