Secure Authentication to Maintain Anonymity & Privacy for Online / Mobile Payments!

The online retail market is expected to grow manifold in the coming years. Online purchases and payments through internet is what most consumers now prefer. With a multitude of brands offering highly competitive and attractive discounts online, an exponential increase in consumer transactions is evident. An online transaction however makes it necessary for the consumer to divulge personal details such as mobile number, email, postal address and credit card information – a major privacy concern for many.

While there are solutions that provide security in information transmission, not many address all the privacy concerns of information ultimately shared with merchants. Consumers are ever more concerned about disclosed information related to their privacy as such details are retained by merchants even after the completion of a transaction.

For the complete potential of e-commerce to be realized, it is crucial that privacy of consumers as well as security in performing transactions is never compromised during or after the purchase process.

XIUS eCogNito effectively addresses various online and ecommerce challenges. The solution offers an extremely safe and secure transaction methodology. It ensures complete information security and consumers can be well assured of their privacy never being compromised. The identity of each individual is concealed on a per-transaction basis such that information mining techniques are unable to gather any details about a transaction either during or even after the purchase process is completed.

XIUS Payment Bank provides:

  • Ensures privacy – disclosing private information to merchant is not necessary
  • Information about payment method to merchant / retailer is not needed
  • Flexible payment options – credit / debit card, bank account, private label card, mobile wallet, etc.
  • Payment guaranteed for merchant

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