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Experience customized network solutions, lower TCO, quick
deployment, and end-to-end managed service with XIUS
We are the world leader in Core Network technology, helping companies deliver superior connectivity experiences for their subscribers
and communities on voice and digital channels.
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Own IPR, Telecom Core Network Stack for 4G/5G upgradable to 6G
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Our Solutions

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Core Networks

XIUS offers state-of-the-art Core Network as a Service, providing unmatched performance and flexibility. Our expertise in Core Network Technology is exemplified by our proficiency in various custom solutions.

Private Networks

XIUS leads in enterprise private networks, renowned for robust security and reliability. Trusted by governments, our networks empower secure critical operations.

Digital BSS

XIUS offers a suite of innovative solutions that streamline and enhance various aspects of your business operations.

Point Solutions

Expertly tailored, XIUS Point Solutions address specific business needs with precision, while ensuring security, authenticity, and efficiency.

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XIUS Your Comprehensive Core Network Service Partner

XIUS helps both operators and enterprises build a private wireless network that
powers a successful digital transformation