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Effective interconnect billing solution for wholesale voice, data, messaging and digital telecommunication providers.

XIUS Interconnect Billing (ICB) is a real-time, cloud-native solution designed to streamline and optimize your interconnect billing operations, enabling you to maximize revenue, minimize costs, and ensure compliance.

XIUS real-time interconnect billing (ICB) is the process of charging and paying for the use of network resources between telecom operators. It is a critical part of the wholesale telecom market, as it allows operators to bill each other for the services they provide. XIUS ICB supports Voiceover LTE and IMS services over 3G/4G/5G.


Boost Accuracy

Slash errors by 95%, eliminate disputes, and build trust with customers

Accelerate Revenue

Automate processes, shorten billing cycles by 50%, and unlock hidden profit

Effortless Compliance

Stay ahead of regulations and data privacy demands with built-in tools

Scale Fearlessly

Adapt to market shifts and business growth with a flexible, powerful platform

Happy Customers

Deliver flawless bills, every time, and cultivate lasting loyalty


Advanced Tariff Management

Secure digital voucher delivery for top-up PINs at various point-of-sale touch-points.

Real-Time Rating and Charging

Automated Billing and Dispute Resolution

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Robust Security and Fraud Prevention

Seamless Integration

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