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XIUS IoT Solutions Authorized Partner Programs

XIUS is an innovative technology company specializing in wireless/mobility solutions. With over 35 patents awarded and all solutions designed and built in-house, it is no wonder that XIUS’ more than 230 deployments carry 350 million voice and data sessions every day.

XIUS offers an Authorized Partner Program to MSPs, VARs and other Telecom Experts across America. With three different type of partnerships opportunities, XIUS is confident that our program will fit directly into your business and allow you to offer our state-of-the-art solutions to your customer base. Details below explain each program and how it can fit into your business model.

Reseller Program:

  • A Reseller is a business or individual that receives a wholesale discounted rate on XIUS products and services for the purpose of reselling to their customers. This can be potentially for “White-Labeled” purposes where the company re-brands our goods with their company brand. The Reseller then sells our services to their customers at an increased price allowing the reseller to make a profit. No additional compensation is paid to the reseller.

  • A Reseller may also use our products and services directly themselves understanding that this is not the primary purpose. Quotas may be assigned to resellers that use our services for themselves more than they resell our services.

Referral Program:

  • A Referral Partner is a business or individual that has current industry connections. Some of these connections could be potential “Customers” of XIUS and those prospects will be sold XIUS products and services and turned into “Customers”. The Referral Partner would prospect and close the customers with the assistance of XIUS when needed for custom configurations and platform creations. The majority of the communications between the customers would be made by the Referral Partner.

  • The Referral Partner would be compensated for closing sales for XIUS. The Referral Partner is compensated monthly on a percentage of the net recurring revenue that all of their referred customers have generated. This revenue consists of paid invoices for activated SIMS and other products and services.

Lead Program:

  • Lead Partner is a business or individual that has current industry connections. The Lead Partner will send XIUS “Warm-Leads” that can use our products and services. These leads will need to be closed internally and the Lead Partner will not be involved other than the initial communication between both parties or when required to assist in the close of the sale.

  • This is a one-time payment per SIM or service and not a recurring revenue model.

For More Information:

For more information about how to become an Authorized Partner with XIUS or if you have any other questions about our Partner Program, please reach out to:

Prajith Dhanapalan