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XIUS Online Charging System Overview

Are you looking for a versatile billing solution to meet the evolving needs of fixed and mobile telecom service operators?

Explore XIUS OCS (Online Charging System), designed to streamline billing for services like VoLTE, Data, Voice, and messaging while ensuring precise billing control and a seamless user experience. This platform seamlessly integrates with diverse network technologies like GSM, LTF, 5G, broadband and fixed networks, supporting diameter, Ro, CAMEL phase II/III, WIN phase 2, and INAP/PSTN compliant IN (Intelligent Network) based SCP across multiple network carriers to ensure interoperability and efficient service delivery.

XIUS OCS Excels at


Managing subscriber account balances


Service rate assessments




Enforcing credit


Authorizing resources per transaction


With over 20 years of telecom expertise, XIUS understands industry challenges and the importance of a robust online charging system architecture. Our seasoned experts are committed to delivering top-notch solutions. XIUS Online Charging System (OCS) is the next step in telecom innovation, ensuring real-time control and precision billing. Here’s why XIUS OCS can be your best bet:

Key Features of XIUS OCS

Charging and Billing

User Control and Notifications

Call and Data Handling

Promotions and Reporting

Service Management

International Standards Compliance:

Benefits of XIUS OCS


Streamline operations and automated billing enhance employee productivity, reducing manual tasks and boosting efficiency.


Ensure precise billing, building trust, and enhancing brand credibility with accurate and transparent charges.

Highly Configurable

XIUS OCS offers a wide range of end-user propositions, including package allowances, regional tiered ratings, and flexible allowance durations.

Cost Reduction

OCS slashes billing solution costs through real-time charging, automating manual tasks, and making operations more budget friendly.

Cloud & 5G Ready

Seamlessly transition to 5G network integration with XIUS OCS's cloud-compatible architecture.

Better Service

OCS enables next-gen services, improving customer retention and attracting new clients with its cutting-edge capabilities.

Additional Fraud Prevention

Tailored monitoring and security measures within XIUS OCS detect and prevent fraud, safeguarding your operations, and ensuring customer billing accuracy.


Modernize your network for a seamless customer experience, unlocking new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

Increased Agility

The highly scalable and flexible nature of XIUS OCS allows operators to quickly launch new services and adapt to changing market conditions.

Network & Service Agnostic

XIUS OCS is interoperable with any network and service provider, providing flexibility in your choice of partners.

XIUS is Trusted by the World’s Most Iconic Brands

Simplify and modernize telecom billing with XIUS OCS

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