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Did you know that more than 75% of mobile users worldwide prefer prepaid services? Electronic recharge and fund transfers are the cornerstone of modern mobile communication. With a growing demand for easy-to-use recharge solutions, your business stands to gain from adopting a payment system that’s efficient, robust, and adaptable, to manage payments and stay competitive. Join the mobile revolution and seize the opportunity to meet the surging consumer demands!

What is Payment Manager?

XIUS Payment Manager is a comprehensive payment solution that streamlines your payment operations including electronic recharges and fund transfers for mobile operators and users, integrating seamlessly into operators’ systems. It creates a robust network of distribution touchpoints enabling swift service deployments.

Payment Manager empowers operators to create promotions and loyalty programs, boosting profitability in a dynamic market. By using this solution, companies can do a better job in payment administration, while providing better offerings, streamlining operations, expanding market reach, enhancing service quality, and generating more revenue.

Key Performance Metrics

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Billion Annual Payment Volume
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Million Subscribers
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Billion Annual
Transaction Value
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Uptime year round


Group 482

Enable subscribers to easily and swiftly recharge their mobile accounts, avoiding any hassles or delays

Group 482

Development of comprehensive promotions tailored to specific channels, locations, and distributor profiles

Group 482

Configuration of multiple products and packet sales at the same price point to attract a wider customer base

Group 482

Extension of top-up services internationally and fosters partnerships with international distributors and mobile operators

Group 482

Efficient settlement and commission management, contributing to the financial health and operational effectiveness of telecom operators

Group 482

Multiple touchpoints to give subscribers the flexibility to choose the most convenient way to manage their mobile services

Group 482

Streamlined fund transfers including peer-to-peer and mobile transfers, both domestic and cross-border

Group 482

Expanded services and offerings, including the potential for mobile commerce to create more choices and opportunities

Group 482

Comprehensive distributor management, including on-the-fly dealer onboarding and geo-fencing capabilities

Group 482

Multi-currency support to help operators expand their reach and revenue streams on a global scale

Group 482

Offer promotions and loyalty programs tailored to subscriber’s preferences, including benefits like extra airtime, data bundles, and SMS bundles

Group 482

Digital voucher feature to securely and cost-effectively deliver top-up PINs, guaranteeing a smooth and safe recharge experience


Extensive promotions and loyalty programs for subscriber differentiation.
Efficient settlements and commission management across the distribution chain.
International recharge capability for global prepaid payment deployment.
Versatile subscriber touch-points including NFC, USSD, SMS, IVR, WAP, ATM, and web.
Peer-2-Peer funds transfer opens a new distribution channel.
Secure digital voucher delivery for top-up PINs at various point-of-sale touch-points.
ISO 8583 standards compliance ensures secure interfaces.
Seamless integration with retail points, distribution channels, financial services, payment gateways, and billing systems.
Enhanced functionality with stored-value accounts and Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions.
Comprehensive promotion system with customizable options for various channels, profiles, and benefits.
Configuration of multiple products and packet sales at the same price point with diverse benefits.
Distributor Mobile App for on-the-fly dealer onboarding and recharge and packet sales.
Flexible commission system for distributors, sub-distributors, and retailers.
Option for instant or scheduled commission payouts.
API-based integration with Client Data Warehouse (DWH) systems.
Route creation for efficient SIM and voucher stock delivery.
Multi-currency support for global operations.
Distributor-specific promotions for targeted marketing.
Synchronous and asynchronous transaction management.
Geo-fencing capabilities for dealer management within predefined geographical areas.
SIM and Voucher Management across the Distributor chains

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