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As Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have to navigate a complex web of domestic and international agreements with various operators. XIUS SoR POWERROAM empowers CSPs with intelligent network selection, ensuring optimal revenue share and feature-rich mobile services for subscribers. With support for 3G, 4G/ LTE, and 5G networks, XIUS SoR is your key to effective roaming management.



Network Selection

Supports selection based on SS7 MAP update location, MAP insert subscriber data, or MAP update location GPRS messages (3G) and Diameter S6a interface update location (4G/ LTE, 5G).

Control Over Subscribers

Absolute control over preventing subscribers from logging on to competitor or undesired networks.

Rules-based System

Direct subscribers to preferred networks with a flexible and dynamic rule-based system.

Multi-operator Support

Accommodates and serves multiple operators simultaneously.

Collaborative Cost Negotiation

Negotiate and revise collaborative costs with partner networks.

High-quality Service

Ensure high QoS and establish preferential tie-ups for loyal customer engagement.

Cohesive Interface

User-friendly GUI for defining preferences and managing the operational life cycle.

Audit Trail

Exhaustive audit trail for service-oriented and operational events.

Policy Management

Apply policies at IMSI, country, and VPLMN levels.

Extended Context Capability

Enable and disable SoR at various levels and facilitate SCCP routing based on Translation Type.

IMS Integration

Interoperability with IMSI list provisioning and handling of barred VPLMN and incompatible states.

Routing Efficiency

Facilitates SCCP routing based on Translation Type and destination-based Prefix/TT routing to the called party.

4G LTE Support

Comprehensive support for 4G LTE steering and optimization of CapEx with complete EPC network components.

Why Choose XIUS Steering of Roaming?

Choose XIUS SoR for unparalleled control, flexible network steering, and scalable solutions. Elevate your roaming management strategy, enhance subscriber experience, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of communication services.

Experience unprecedented control and flexibility. Don’t just manage roaming, master it. 

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