Steering of Roaming

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Steering of Roaming

Offer out-roamers a preferential network!

Roaming experiences vary significantly depending on the region of the world to which subscribers travel.

XIUS PowerRoam provides:

  • Absolute ‘control’ over out-roaming subscribers by directing them onto your preferred roaming partner networks
  • Multiple traffic redirection techniques
    • Priority-based steering
    • Percentage-based steering
    • Service type-based steering (e.g. post-paid, prepaid, data)
    • Subscriber profile-based steering
    • Handset-based steering
  • Scope to negotiate lucrative Inter Operator Tariff with preferred partner networks



  • Build stronger relationships with preferred networks to which roaming traffic is frequently directed
  • Ensure improved QoS by partnering with multiple networks and offering features most sought by roaming subscribers
  • Manage services from a central location thereby reducing operational costs


  • Automatic diversion to preferred networks allows seamless access to services subscribers want at home or while roaming
  • Familiarity and ease of using services like those available on the home network creates a bond between subscriber and operator, thus lowering churn

Count on us for a seamless experience as we deliver roaming solutions and services from the start of your subscribers’ journey to their return home!

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