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Mobile Infrastructure Solutions


Enrich Customer Experience, Monetize New Avenues!

The ever-changing priorities of consumers make it increasingly difficult for
Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to operate with lucrative profit margins. In today’s knowledge-driven ‘glocal’ communities, it is evident for consumers to compare services of various players in the market. Service providers that effectively meet consumer needs are the ones that emerge dominant winners.

Encouraged by the success of implementing systems that enhance customer experience and to manage operations more efficiently, CSPs are adopting business intelligence and predictive analytics to attain commendable results.

CSP Needs:

  • Complete know-how about customers they are engaging with
  • Offer differentiated and customized products / services
  • Engage effectively with customers to improve stickiness
  • Execute tailored personalized strategy as customers progress along their lifecycle
  • Monetize available bandwidth with contextual offers
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Optimize core data network utilization and allocate sparse resources basis customer mix
  • Identify customers likely to churn and execute retention strategy
  • Combat competition effectively


  • A consultative approach to identify business challenges and recommend analytical solutions
  • A unique offering built on the company’s Predictive Data Modeling Platform
  • Organic engine powered by state-of-the-art analytics
  • Technology platform that offers real time usage analytics
  • Intelligence on customer usage patterns to drive data revenue
  • Rich, personalized experiences across customer segments
  • Ability to utilize scarce network resources without hampering Quality of Service
  • Overall improvement in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) & churn reduction
  • Accurate prediction of CSP’s distributor inventory needs
  • Consistent revenue growth by addressing customer specific needs

Customer Value Management

  • Micro-segmentation of qualified customers
  • Generate target group for a specific business objective
  • Offer recommendation
  • Map & recommend channel preferences

Cross-sell / Upsell

  • Generate qualified customers for various propositions
  • Create offer grid – products / pricing / target
  • Recommend next best product to buy
  • Forward-looking prediction for best fit ratio

Customer Experience Management

  • Contextual marketing
  • Trigger management
  • Unified seamless N=1 personalization across any channel
  • Manage customer lifecycle with focus on longevity & life time value

Churn Management

  • Models pre–churn behavior
  • Identify customers likely to churn
  • Micro-segmentation & treatment matrix
  • Formulate & execute retention strategy

Network Optimization & Usage Analytics

  • Predict & help reduce call drops
  • Compute, predict & reduce network congestion
  • Optimize data network usage basis customer segment
  • Monitor and report network nodes usage

Distribution Effectiveness

  • Map distribution network to customers and recommend improvisation
  • Predict inventory needs at various distribution points
  • Product mix optimization across channels of distribution
  • Product innovation


  • Enhance monetization opportunities, increase revenue per customer
  • Increased customer longevity as ‘they get what they want’
  • New revenue streams – offer diverse and dynamic products & services to match customer needs and preferences
  • Leverage and refine existing portfolio of products & services
  • Enrich brand value
    • New, innovative products & services
    • Differentiated service offerings
  • Improve customer experience, reduce churn
    • Insights into subscriber profile, usage behavior, interest areas
    • Personalized offers & communication
  • Data network optimization reduces RAN congestion and service disruption
  • Increased sales revenue with improved distribution line up

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