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XIUS Real-Time Billing and Customer Care

Mobile Infrastructure Solutions

Real-Time Billing & Customer Care

Rating & Charging capabilities to meet manifold requirements of mobile billing flexibility that subscribers demand

XIUS INfinet provides:

  • Flexible real-time rating, proactive messaging and flexible payment capabilities for the creation of:
    • Multiple service plans
    • Multi-model self-service environments for subscribers
    • Web-based customer care tools for operator representatives
    • Open APIs for integration to legacy BSS / OSS
    • Trigger-less off-network roaming capability
  • Real-time session and event management for voice and data at home or while roaming across multiple network protocols
  • Ability to offer unique “bundles” of rating, messaging and payment options to quickly take advantage of market opportunity while profitably serving new segments and introducing new products
  • Service plans enable mobile operators to
    • Target specific customer segments with a package of service features
    • Increase revenue-per-subscriber through bundling of services
    • Decrease churn and operational expense by offering automated payment options
XIUS Infinet Prepaid

Benefits to You

  • Cost effective, end-to-end, pre-integrated solution
  • Envisioned and built for modular deployment needs - a rich API suite enables speedy configuration and new partner integration
  • Next-generation architecture accommodates convergence of voice and data networks
  • Enables operators to go-to-market quickly with highly targeted service offerings
  • Configured with “no single point of failure” and designed with in-built fault tolerance mechanisms
  • Nearly twenty-five years of real-time rating & charging experience, learning and innovation

Providing you with the billing & care tools needed to provide a superb customer service experience for your subscribers

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